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  • What Is SilaLive?

    SilaLive is a proprietary blend of food-grade Enhanced Diatomaceous Earth (85% Silica) and Living Organic Silica. With two POWERFUL Silica supplements, SilaLive is here to provide you with the positive impact your body needs to help Detox, Cleanse, Restore, Rejuvenate, and Live a healthier life!

  • Ingredients Of SilaLive?

    SilaLive is made up of only 2 ingredients:
    - Fresh Water Diatomaceous Earth
    - Orthosilicic Acid (Organic Silica)

  • What Is Organic Silica (Orthosilicic Acid)?

    Silica is an essential mineral that has been found to have many health benefits in the body. Silica is the 2nd most abundant element on earth and is often referred to as “Nature’s Building Block.” Silica is known as the most important trace mineral for the human body because it is the link between body functions and plays a key role in absorption of other minerals.

    Orthosilicic Acid (H4Si04) is the only form of Silicon that is readily absorbed and utilized by the human body. Essentially it is the only form of Silica in nature that is biologically active for both humans and animals.

    Humans are in need of 20-30mg of silica daily to stay at a healthy level. Long ago it wasn’t necessary to take a silica supplement, but due to the over-processed and unhealthy food that we eat now we are no longer getting enough silica in our diets.

  • What Is Diatomaceous Earth?

    Diatomaceous Earth is a very important substance in the world. This multipurpose substance comes from one-shelled, one celled algae known as diatoms that are found in both fresh and salt water. Diatomaceous Earth has been used in everything from pool filters, toothpaste, pest control, and even nutritional supplements.

    It is very important to ONLY consume Food-Grade Diatomaceous Earth.

    Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth is used in nutritional supplements to help the body detox, by removing unwanted substances like mercury, aluminum, and other heavy metals that cause dis-ease to the body.

  • Is Diatomaceous Earth Safe?

    Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth (DE) has been proven to be safe for consumption as long as it is taken with sufficient water. Taking DE without the use of a liquid can result in choking. Try taking SilaLive with a full glass of water. Also try and to drink at least 72 oz of water daily while talking D.E.

    It is also a good idea to try and not breathe in too much Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth due to it being a fine substance. It is comparable in fineness with Baby Powder.  

    Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth should be fine to use with all other medications, but it is always wise to consult with your doctor to let them know you are making changes and taking another herbal supplement.
  • Is Organic Silica Safe?

    Silica has long been considered safe for human use. Since Silica is an all-natural mineral, it is considered to have no side effects.

    There is no need to worry about overdosing on Silica. The body will take all of the silica that is needed to replenish the body, and then eliminate the excess through the natural discretion process.

  • What Are The Benefits Of SilaLive?

    Due to the all-natural SilaLive silica supplement that has both Diatomaceous Earth and Organic Silica, it can provide the body with a wide range of health benefits. Some of the health benefits that SilaLive may help you with include; anti-aging, joints, wrinkles, energy, detoxification, nails, teeth, and hair. Please check out the homepage and About page for more information on the benefits of SilaLive.

  • Can SilaLive Be Used To Detox The Body?

    YES! SilaLive Silica Supplement can be a great way to help remove heavy metals and toxins such as mercury and aluminum from the body in a natural way. SilaLive Diatomaceous Earth is one of the best natural detoxification supplements on the market. It can naturally help pull toxins from the bloodstream and remove them from the body by natural discretion.

    When you order our product you will also be given a website address to read our 7 Day Detox diet!

  • How Do I Get The 7 Day Diet Detox eBook?

    With each order of our product you will be sent a packing slip with your order information as well as information on the back about how to take our product. At the bottom of the information sheet you will see a link to a website where you can download or save the eBook for Free!

  • Is SilaLive a Powder Supplement?

    Yes! SilaLive is a very fine powdered supplement. The fineness of the powder closely resembles Baby Powder, so try and not breathe in the powder.

  • Does SilaLive Have Any Side Effects?

    There have been no reported side effects from taking SilaLive Diatomaceous Earth Silica supplement.

    If you are unsure about SilaLive conflicting with other medication, please consult with your doctor. You can also start with a smaller dosage and work your way up so that you are sure that it is not interfering with any other medications.

    Food Grade D.E. and Organic Silica in SilaLive are completely safe and non-toxic.

  • Is It Okay For Pets?

    Yes! You can give our product to your pets. We offer an extremely clean D.E. product that is free of toxins and heavy metals so that it is safe for humans and animals. We recommend that you start with a very small dosage so that you can make sure they do not have any issues with taking a D.E. supplement.

  • Can I Give Your Product To My Child?

    The general answer to this is yes, but you need to check to make sure it does not interfere with any medications that the child may be taking. If you do plan on giving it to your child, start with a small dosage and see how they react. Let their system build up to taking a full scoop over a period of 2 weeks.

  • Do You Offer Any Type Of Guarantee?

    Yes, we will give a 100% money back guarantee on any unopened bottles. Contact us prior to returning the bottles and we will give you a shipping address and we will refund you 100% for the unopened bottles.

  • How Soon Will My Order Be Shipped?

    All SilaLive orders are generally shipped within 24 hours of purchase! Some orders will even be shipped same day, within hours or minutes of the order taking place. All orders will be shipped out Monday through Friday except during holidays. 

  • Will I receive a tracking number with my purchase?

    Yes! All of the SilaLive orders will be shipped via United States Postal Service (USPS) with a unique tracking number. You will be able to log on to USPS website and have updated status reports on your order. That way YOU will know just how close you are to receiving an amazing health supplement.

  • What Shipping Options Do You Have Available?

    Yes! All of our orders have the ability to be upgraded to Priority (2-5 days) or Overnight (1-2 days) shipping. You will have the option inside the cart to upgrade your shipping from First Class to Priority or Overnight shipping.